Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Uniform standards



The uniform consists of:


  •         Navy blue Harris blazer (to be purchased from Brigade Clothing only)
  •         Mid-grey knee-length pleated skirt (to be purchased from Brigade Clothing only)
  •         Pale blue blouse
  •         White ankle socks or black/navy ankle socks. Plain, no frills or motif.
  •         Plain black tights (no pattern) or navy blue tights (no pattern), or flesh coloured tights
  •         Mid-grey trousers may be worn but no jersey material
  •         Plain black, flat school shoes that provide sensible support for the feet.  Black Kicker footwear is acceptable.  No shoe          that looks like a plimsoll/trainer is allowed (if in doubt check the school website – there are pictures on Moodle or contact      the school direct)
  •         Hair accessories (ie. hair bands, clips, head veils) should be discrete
  •         Any fashion/beauty accessory which causes a health and safety risk will be asked to be removed during certain activities      for the safety of the student


  •         Navy blue Harris blazer (to be purchased from Brigade Clothing only)
  •         Mid-grey trousers (no black trousers allowed)
  •         Pale blue shirt
  •         Clip-on school tie (please see attached letter)
  •         Plain black school shoes (no boots or coloured laces/stitching or soles).  Black Kicker footwear is acceptable (but                  Timberland, Fila footwear is not)


  •         V-necked navy blue Harris jumper
  •         Out-door coats should be of a serviceable colour and preferably weather-proof
  •         No jewellery is to be worn (including earrings) by any learner (Religious / SOS jewellery can be worn with previous                  agreement from Headteacher by means of a letter stating the religious intent).
  •         No make-up /nail polish is to be worn
  •         Hair styles should be smart and sensible

P.E  Kit

  •         Harris Polo shirt
  •         Black shorts
  •         Black football socks
  •         Plain white trainers (with non-marking soles)
  •         Gum shield (obtainable from P.E. Dept.) and Shin pads
  •         Towel (optional)

​PE hooded Sweatshirts in royal blue are now available to purchase via the website for all students at a cost of £9.45

Available at reception are samples for sizing