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Drama and Theatre Studies

Drama and Theatre Studies

Entry Requirements

An average Attainment 8 score of 5.5 as well as a Grade 6 in English Language or Literature. A GCSE B Grade in Drama is required, and candidates will also need to attend an audition.

The Course

The Advanced GCE in Drama and Theatre Studies is a course that focuses on the work of playwrights and practitioners, providing an opportunity to study plays from the point of view of a director, designer, performer and informed audience member. The qualification is designed to enable you to acquire a knowledge and understanding of the history, language and evolution of Drama and Theatre as well as to develop their performing, devising and analytical skills.

Exploration of theatre develops your working knowledge of published texts from contrasting eras, playwrights and practitioners through practical exploration and opportunities for devising original pieces of theatre. In devising theatre, students alternate between the roles of playwright, performer, designer and director, and apply their knowledge of different theatre forms and structures to the creation of your own work. You will also study the social context surrounding texts and the impact that history has on theatre, in turn applying this understanding to develop theatre that is suitable for contemporary audiences.

During the second year of the course, you are required to produce performances of published plays contrasting in theme, genre and style. In performing you are required to apply your knowledge, skills and understanding within the structure of a director’s interpretation of a play, and to operate at a highly intellectual level as well as at a highly skilled practical level. The aim of the full Advanced GCE is to enable you to operate more autonomously and with confidence within a Drama and Theatre context.

At the end of the course, you will be assessed on your knowledge and understanding of Drama and the role of the director, designer and performer in the form of a written exam (40%). In the role of director, designer and performer, you are an individual thinker determining your own interpretation of a play. As an informed member of the audience, you are making independent judgements in your analysis of the way other directors, designers and performers have applied their craft to the production of a play. You are required to eloquently and clearly communicate your understanding and developed artistic intentions in all three production roles.

How will you be assessed?

This subject is assessed by internal moderation and external exam.

Exam board: AQA