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For we will be looking at unconscious bias and how we can celebrate our differences.


Safe Journey Home!


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First Modern Olympic Stadium, Ancient Agora, Roman Forum, Hadrian’s Livrary and now time for some climbing to Lykabytus Hill.


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Early start but fully ready for Greece. Passed security checks and students enjoying themselves in duty free shops.


A fantastic evening, our students were incredible and our Chafford Choir’s first public performance! Well done to all of the staff and students involved.


We are preparing our afternoon tea for our visitors from Re-engage, a charity supporting elderly residents who live alone.


Our dedicated Sixth Form study space is taking shape!


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Amazing atmosphere and school results by all Harris schools. Well done to all academies achieving against the odds


Lots of enrichment opportunities at HACH. Our Alevel Geographers are off to Barcelona, Monday’s enrichment classes got underway this week and our Friday Afternoon Chess Club is in full swing!


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So proud of all Classics and Latin students. Amazing performance for with all students getting Level 9s amd A*.


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Congratulations to all at on their superb today. A special mention goes to Viktoria, who achieved a Grade 9 in all 11 of her subjects - a remarkable achievement.


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Here are some of our brilliant students heading to and this year. Many are the first in their family to attend university and all have beaten extraordinary odds to get there. We are so proud of them and wish them every happiness and success.


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We're so proud of all our Sixth Formers on their . Great to see them taking their next steps - whether that's university, an apprenticeship or employment. We can't wait to see what they do next. Here's a round-up of all their successes:


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Congratulations to student Daniel who has gained an amazing 7 A* grades and is off to to read Maths. He's going to be speaking about his fantastic achievement on the later this afternoon


And it begins 😬 🤞🏻


Results day 😬 We are open for results to be collected from 8:30am until 10:30 this morning. Best of luck to everyone 😁


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Roman Londinium walk with ‘s youngest Classicists.


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A fantastic event for HACH students interested in medicine last week with - some strong stomachs needed!! Well done to all involved.

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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History - Wider Sixth Form Reading

The British Problem 1534-1707 – John Morrill

A look at English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh history – bringing the countries together and investigating the inter-relationships.

Britons: Forging a Nation – Linda Colley

A comprehensive, tour de force of national identity and how it shapes a nation. An absorbing and fascinating read, written in an engaging and entertaining style.

The book of Margery Kempe – Margery Kempe

Thought by some to be the first autobiography in the English language, this book chronicles the pilgrimages and experiences of a middle-class woman in the 14th and 15th century.

The Men Who Lost America – Andrew O’Shaughnessy

Interesting recent book giving the counterpoint to the view that America was ‘lost’ by incompetent, myopic leaders. It illuminates the many influences on these events and the subsequent careers of the apparently inept commanders.

Imperium – Ryszard Kapuscinski

Pulling together his journalism from three visits to disparate parts of the Soviet Empire, in the 1960s, mid 1980s and just after the collapse of the USSR, critically acclaimed author and journalist Kapuscinski’s account is easy to read, yet full of terrible but captivating stories. It is a fascinating insight into oral history, which conveys the power of snapshot accounts of real lives paralleled with devastating and brutal policies.

Witnesses of War – Nicholas Stargardt

An account of children’s experiences in Germany and the occupied territories of Eastern Europe, Stargardt uses a range of surprising sources such as children’s letters to their parents, diaries and pictures to explore how a whole generation of European children were shaped by the horrors of 1939 – 1945. Unusually, he looks at the terror for children in Jewish ghettos and concentration camps, as well as for German children in the extreme Allied bombing in German cities towards the end of the war and the level of deprivation they faced in 1945 (an area rarely covered by historians). The range of sources is fascinating, and the child’s perspective illuminating.

Le Feu (‘Under Fire,’ in English), Henri Barbusse

One of the first accounts of the First World War from the perspective of the French trenches. This is a powerful and explicit account of how ordinary men reacted to and were forced to deal with one of the most brutal wars inflicted on mankind.

Suite Francaise – Irene Nemirovsky

On publication, Le Monde, the French national newspaper, called this ‘A masterpiece…saved from oblivion.’ In July 1942, the author was sent to the Nazi gas chambers where she died. Her daughters preserved her manuscripts. It is a superb and at times harrowing book.

History in Practice, Ludmilla Jordanova

The Nature of History, Arthur Marwick

We would also recommend George Orwell’s, Animal Farm, Nineteen Eighteen Four and Homage to Catalonia, in which he records his experiences as a militiaman in the Spanish Civil War in 1936. It is worth noting that after that war, Orwell said; ‘Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic Socialism as I understand it’.

Finally, have a look at Graeme Greene’s The Quiet American, Our Man in Havana – the plot of which appears to erringly predict the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. (There have been films of both these books, the first starring Michael Caine, and the second, Alec Guinness