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Entry Requirements

An average Attainment 8 score of 5.5 as well as a Grade 5 in English Language or Literature and Grade 7 in Maths.

What is Mathematics?

Mathematics is at the very heart of civilisation and strongly influences nearly everything in the modern world including science, art, engineering, economics and society as a whole. Often considered as a study of patterns, Mathematics can stimulate moments of awe and wonder especially when a problem is solved elegantly and notice hidden connections are discovered.

Year 1 Course Content

The course consists of material that covers both Pure and Applied Mathematics.  Two thirds of the course is focused on Pure Mathematics covering subjects such as advanced algebra and calculus.  One third is split evenly between statistics and mechanics.

Year 2 Course Content

The second year more extensively covers both Pure and Applied Mathematics, with the same distribution of two thirds Pure and one third Applied found in the first year. The Applied content is also split with evenly between statistics and mechanics.

How will you be assessed?

 3 Exams in total

 2 Pure  – 2 Hours each

 1 Applied– 2 Hour.

Exam Board: Edexcel (TBC)