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Thank you Mrs Adebiyi for leading our students through a 2nd consecutive schools chess♟️ competition WIN🏆! This comp consisted of the finest chess masterminds from all year groups from 5 different schools! Well done for winning yet another year! 💎🔵


Our Geography department would be super proud of these responsible year 10s caught revising during their lunch break! 💎🔵🌎🗺️


We believe our wonderful students are the future, so we cultivate & develop their to best prepare them for their lives now & beyond as young crusaders. 💎🔵


Students preparing for the inter-schools Chess competition 2024♟️!We wish you all the best brothers!!!💎🔵


💎Prizes claimed!!!🔵


Congrats to our Chelsea in the green vest💚Essex Schools County Champ in the 75m Hurdles🥇 This qualifies her to represent Essex in the English Schools National Finals held at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham later this year😱. A great job Chelsea!!! 💎🔵


Our year 7 boys are now double champions!!! 🏆🏆They won 4-3 in the Harris cup finals at training ground! What an experience this was for the young boys! 💎🔵


Since April 2024, the Thurrock food bank have distributed a whopping 1,606 food parcels to their Thurrock clients!746 of them being children💚The demand is still very high, they need more of the below items.Please use this code to support where you can💚


We can't for this fantastic event happening in the community! Lots of food and fun 😋


Our students are known for their jaw dropping progress scores in assessments, GCSE's, A levels etc✨. Sports is another domain our young crusaders do not shy away from! Well done ladies & !!! 💎🔵🤩


Mr Doherty often takes a group of students through some reading/completion of a novel📚. Our wonderful students earn a book of their choice from & a milkshake for enduring his narration 😅 💎🔵


👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Character is key!


Loved this 🤩⚽


Our young boys scoring on and off the pitch! Thank you Mr Jerden! 💎🔵


This young lady is destined to represent GB🇬🇧 at this rate!!! 🏃🏽‍♀️💨 A full bag of Jolly ranchers🍬 for you! 💎🔵


Winning moment when our Rose Ellingford & her team, the Chelmsford Rattlesnakes travelled to Sheffield to take part in the WNIHL National Playoffs as the winners of the South League! They won 2-1 to be crowned👑 the EIHA National Playoff Champions🏆 💎🔵


We're incredibly proud of this HACH crusader! Miss Casey competed at the Acrobatic National Championships last weekend - representing the East Region! Surrounded by talented by several contestants, her group came 5th in the UK!!! 💎🔵


1st day back from half-term is over✨! It was lovely seeing students & staff back after a week off! A massive good luck to our year 11s & 13s who resume their exam & coursework schedule! 💎🔵


We want to dedicate our 1st tweet of the week to you all who support us💙!!! Parents, the Chafford community & of course our amazing staffing body! 🔵💎

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Personal Development

At HACH our aim is to provide students with the opportunities to access powerful knowledge and powerful experiences, so that they learn to make their mark on the world.
Our curricular approach to Personal Development aims to illustrate to students how multiple aspects of their school experience combine to provide them with a solid foundation for personal growth during their time with us. 

Make Your Mark 01

Enrichment at HACH

Enrichment at HACH has both compulsory and optional elements. 

Our compulsory Enrichment comprises Pillar Days and Trips. 
Pillar Days help develop one of our core Character Traits; Zest, Confidence, Grit, Responsibility and Kindness. We aim to have three Pillar Days per academic year

Additionally, we aim to organise two whole school Trip Days per academic year. The whole school trips aim to take students out of their every day environment and expose them to a range of experiences.
Our most recent trip day saw visits to the Natural History, British and Science Museums as well as the Tate Britain.
Additionally we have a range of other subject specific trips that run throughout the year. Some examples of trips for year so far have include Disneyland Paris, Belgian Battlefields, Barcelona, Pompei, Whitstable, CCF Weekends, Nuclear Races, Sports Tour, PGL and many more!

This adds up to a full school week per academic year of compulsory enrichment, which is supplemented by a range of optional clubs and sports teams.


January - February 2023


7.30 – 8.10 am

3.30 – 4.30 pm


Year 7 Boys Basketball


Mr Jerden



U19 Sixth Form Girls Netball Academy Training


3.30-5.00pm Chloe Baker


Year 7 Boys Football


Mr Jerden and Mr Oliver


Year 8/9 Boys Basketball


Mr Ladega


Year 10 Boys Netball


Miss Oakley

Year 8 and Years 9 Girls Netball


Mrs Emerson-Morris


All Years Girls Football


Miss Oakley


Year 8 Boys Football


Mr Oliver


All Years Boys and Girls Table Tennis and Badminton


Mrs Emerson-Morris

U14 Girls Netball Academy Training


3.30-5.00pm Chloe Baker


Year 7 and Years 10/11 Netball


Miss Oakley


Netball and Football Academy Training or Fixtures in the afternoon



Year 9 Boys Football


Mr Rickenberg and Mr Doherty


Year 10 and 11 Boys Basketball


Mr Oliver

Directed Time


Whole School Staff Meetings


PE Staff Meeting


Year 9 and U16 Girls Netball Academy Training


2.00-3.30pm Chloe Baker


Sixth Form Boys Football Academy Training


Adam Tannett



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