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We want to dedicate our 1st tweet of the week to you all who support us💙!!! Parents, the Chafford community & of course our amazing staffing body! 🔵💎


Well this was a marvelous fun afFAIR🥳! Our senior students (6th form) sealed the ending of their course via way of a tuck shop for KS3 & 4, FIFA tournaments, juice and drink🥛 area and more!!!


Good luck to our Year 11s and Year 13s as we enter the examination season! 💙💎


Congratulations boys and girls!!! 🎉🍭🍬🥳 💎💎


Happy Monday🤩!!! More prizes🍬🍭 and more happy faces!!! 💎🔵


🚚Special delivery today!📦Lots of students have earned their favourite treat via our character merit system! 🎖️Lots happy faces tomorrow! We can't wait 🤩✨ 💎🔵


Hooray 🎉🥳 Well done Ellie & Scarlett!!! 💎🔵


Happy Monday everyone! It's back to business rewarding our students who go above and beyond in and out the classroom! 💎🔵


Skip the queue lunch passes🥪Full stationery set 📐📏🖋️✏️ to LED lights🚥! Here are a few more character merit shop winners🤩!!! You've earned them, you deserve them! 💎🔵 💙


April has been so good to us! This is one of many victories we experienced this month! 🥳 💎🔵


Preparations are in full swing for our futures event tonight. Open to all HACH students and their families.


I’m sure you can tell how we’re getting on by the song choice in the video😉Here is part TWO of just some of the amazing events we’ve had for the young people 🔵 💎


The last few months have been amazing here at HACH! Here is part One of just some of the amazing events we’ve had for the young people 🔵 💎


A few pictures from last nights fixture under the lights between and . A great way to end a day at 📸⚽️


World Autism Awareness Day 2024. At HACH we celebrate the neurodiversity in our academy.


It was another great 'Culture Day' here at HACH. 💎💙


A wonderful day at the Latin Spelling Bee . Congratulations to Zoe for her 3rd place individual performance and to all the team for finishing in 5th overall. Huge thanks to for an amazing event!


A wonderful day at the Latin Spelling Bee . Congratulations to Zoe for her 3rd place individual performance and to all the team for finishing in 5th overall. Huge thanks to for an amazing event!


Lovely weather for a lovely celebration 🎉🥳💎🔵


✨ Character Merit Shop ✨Well done to our students! 💎🔵

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Rewards and Sanctions

The school has a clear behaviour policy, and a series of expectations of the way that students should behave when at school.  For transgressions of expectations that attract more serious sanctions, these will generally reflect those values upheld by our society.  i.e treating each other with respect, care and tolerance; avoiding prejudice, abuse of others and/or criminal acts. 

Why have school sanctions?

In the same way that parents or carers use praise, reward and the removal of privileges to encourage their children to behave in the way that they would wish, the school also uses rewards and sanctions. 

For many minor matters, a discussion of the issues and the way to address these is sufficient.  Where there is an ongoing problem, or the misbehaviour is more serious, then this discussion will be accompanied by sanctions.

The purpose of sanctions is to reinforce that certain behaviours or attitudes are not acceptable.  For more serious ongoing matters, sanctions also serve as a form of warning that failure to correct misbehaviour could lead to temporary or, in extreme cases, permanent removal from the school in order to protect others’ education or well-being.

Deciding the sanction that applies

When an incident occurs, then a sanction will be set by the relevant member of staff in line with the school behaviour policy and the HACH Sanctions chart. 

There are times when an incident needs investigation before a decision can be made.  This may be because it is a reported concern without direct evidence as yet and/or because student accounts are at variance with other reports.  In these instances, the following general procedure is followed:

1. Students concerned are asked to give an account through writing a statement and investigatory staff will ask additional questions to clarify sequencing, detail or any apparent discrepancies

2. Any witnesses will be asked for their account; this will include students and staff.  Where possible, witnesses who are neutral i.e. not part of involved students’ friendship groups, will be used.

3. Any camera footage of the area at the time will be viewed

4. A decision will be made as to the likely pattern of events based on the evidence collected. 

The school will make the final decision of the sanction that applies in any situation; this is its responsibility.  Any decision is not subject to parental/carer approval, though the school would make every effort for parents/carers to understand the reasons behind its decision and how this complies with its behaviour policy. 

The school will not accept that any individual student should be exempt from school sanctions.  All students must comply with sanctions set by the school.