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Not sure what to do after your A levels? Contact the Exam Results Helpline for free, independent advice about your options – 0800 100 900


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Our Sixth form is open tomorrow from 8:30am until 10am to collect results! Staff will be around to help with any guidance for University applications. Fingers crossed 🤞😬


School is out for summer. Thank you for all your support this year and we hope you all have a restful break. ☀️


The legend that is Mrs White is retiring after 14 years at HACH. We wish you all the very best on your retirement- you deserve it and we miss you already 😢


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Announcement: The school day will end at 2pm on Thursday for the summer holidays.


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It's our graduation session at today! We're incredibly proud of our bright students for their commitment and hard work over the last 21 sessions. Congratulations and enjoy a well-deserved Summer break!

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How to help your child prepare for exams

The Final Hurdle....

The Keys to Success


“A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown them.”  

David Brinkley


"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

Beverley Sills

Create a quiet, relaxing, organised study space!

Start your revision early—allow at least 2 weeks for each exam. The sooner you start, the less you will have to do each day!

Revision timetables are the most effective way to manage your time.

Revise for 45 minutes at a time…….and take 10 minute breaks

Have clear and specific goals and targets for each revision session… By the end of this hour, I will be able to …...

Start early in the day, when your mind is most alert.

Revise the topics that your teacher have told you are key parts of the syllabus!

Take it seriously and cut contact: no phonecalls, no texts, no MSN, no      Facebook.……...

Make use of all revision classes offered, both after school and during Easter.

Unless you’re  ACTUALLY using the computer for revision, turn it off!!

Start with the most challenging subjects or the ones you like least!

Give yourself occasional treats: a favourite snack, a short relax, your favourite tv show.

Work through past exam questions and time yourself for a real exam practice.

Be active and creative: Use A3 & A4 paper, Post-it notes, Highlighters, Flash Cards, Diagrams, Mindmaps, Etc

Look after yourself. Eat well, drink plenty of   water and get plenty of rest.

Don’t waste time struggling—write down what you are finding hard and take it to your next lesson.

Get help from friends and study together—but remember you’re studying, not socialising!!

By the time of your exam, your revision should be down to one card or A4 sheet with the KEY points or phrases on it.

Do something relaxing between revising and bedtime.

Focus on what you have done, not all the things that you haven’t—every little bit helps!!

Don’t leave all the      difficult  bits to the end!

GET PREPARED!!          Supplies, books, revision notes, past papers, etc...


Your Revision Timetable

If it’s not realistic, you won’t stick to it. Build everything into your timetable: Breaks, trips, days off, school revision sessions, clubs and sports, etc

Here is an example of one that you could use:

Mon 11th SCHOOL English after school with Miss Heuston English 1: Reading Non-Fiction  
Tues12th SCHOOL Football Match PE: The Musicular System  
Wed 13th SCHOOL Maths with Mr Fernandes EVENING OFF  
Thurs 14th SCHOOL Science with Mrs Pritchard English 1: Reading Media  
Fri 15th SCHOOL English Lit: Post 1914 poetry OUT WITH FRIENDS  
Sat 18th  Maths Terminal exam past papers Psychology: 1: Obedience and Attachment English Lit: Post 1914 poetry Maths revision CD
Sun 17th Football Training Spanish Listening past papers EVENING OFF Spanish CDS


Best of Luck & Use your time wisely!!!

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