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It’s our last day of what has been one of the most turbulent academic years in history. A huge thank you to our students, parents & staff for their relentless hard work and support. Have a well deserved break & we cannot wait to see you in September!


Our second Year 6 transition bulletin has been sent out. This week, hear from our Head of Academy; Mr Glees. Also read the top tips from Jack in Year 7. All Y6 Bulletins will also be available on our website.


Thank you for your positive feedback it’s really appreciated. 😊


As we come to the end of June, our student led briefing this week has focussed on celebrating . Well Done to the students who put this incredible piece of work together! Our Student Briefings are available on our website.


Today on we give thanks to all those who serve to protect us.


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We did it, we won 🏆! HACH are Champions of the 2020 Homeletics competition. A lot closer at the end than we would have liked well done to for chasing us down on the last day! A brilliant team effort from the HACH community. Led the way since day one


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End of day 4 and HACH maintain their position at the top of the leaderboard with one day to go! All you unsung heroes that are submitting your scores are really making a difference to the overall school


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Good morning HACH! We need a really strong day today, as are hot on our heels and really looking to gain on us today. Get all friends and parents involved. Links below to MS Forms and post your videos!


Our first Year 6 Bulletin has gone out to those joining us in September. This week: Watch videos and meet key members of staff. Also there is a video on our school day and how to read our timetable!


In our student bulletin this week: We celebrate & debate how the arts should be supported during the pandemic. Who has been awarded Character Merits this week? Students check your inboxes to find out!


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Homeletics competition starts today with long jump and sprint. Post videos on here and Facebook site and add scores to forms link sent home to parents via email


Our students have been writing to residents in a local care home. Reading their replies reminds us how important it is to come together as a community to support others in these challenging times.


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So proud of these students from / Considering the current circumstances, you can see evidence of hard work amd dedication. Pieces of art/poetry inspired from gods and monsters.


Could you please Email us full details so we can follow this up. We take it very seriously. Thankyou for your support.


A tragic loss to our HACH Community, our thoughts continue to be with Christian’s family & friends. - Fundraiser set up for family of Christian Mbulu who died in Preston


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📢 Free Live BMAT webinar 🗓️ Thur 4th June 6pm (GMT+1) ✅Aspiring Medics, Dentists & Vets 🎬 We are working with the official BMAT team to share an intro to the test and guidance on preparation. Experts will be answering any Q's you have! Sign up: ⚕️


Our student bulletin this week: We look at the impact of the death of George Floyd in communities across the US & the world. June is Pride month, we explore why it is important. Who has been awarded merits this week? Students check your inboxes to find out!


Eid Mubarak to those in our HACH community who are celebrating the end of Ramadan.


It’s day 5 of awareness week. Adrian in Year 7 showed how when he put together a compilation of his Grandma’s favourite Polish 🇵🇱 songs for her to listen to. Well Done Adrian, that’s a lovely thing to do. Check out our challenge for today...

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Entry Requirements

An average Attainment 8 score of 5.5 as well as a Grade 5 in English Language or Literature and a Grade 6 in Maths.  In addition, a 7 in Chemistry and 6 in 2 other separate sciences is required if you have taken Triple Science, or Grade 7s in Trilogy Combined Science.


There is a huge difference in the amount of time you will need to devote to your A Level studies compared to GCSE. You should spend at least one hour after every lesson consolidating your learning, assessing what you have learnt during that lesson and what you need to review with your teacher next lesson. This is in addition to any independent learning, assessed work and practical tasks that will be set.

You should have your own lab coat, goggles, a scientific calculator and a subject revision guide/text book.

Why study Chemistry at A Level?

The aim of the Chemistry teaching is to raise awareness of the subject as well as a solid understanding of the principles involved. Chemistry ties together so many facets of our lives, both scientific and every day. An understanding and appreciation of the subject provides many with a new outlook on an ever changing world.

Chemistry at A Level is a crucial requirement of many scientific degrees – from Medicine and Dentistry to Chemical Engineering and Pharmacy. Chemistry can stand alone as a science subject and is also complementary to Geography, Maths and Psychology in addition to its partners Biology and Physics.

The Course

You will study three units in Year 12, some of these topics will be studied in more depth during Year 13. The units are: -

  • Physical Chemistry – Builds on what you learn at GCSE about the structure of the atom and chemical calculations providing a firm grounding on which to build the A Level chemistry course.
  • Organic Chemistry – This is the study of organic molecules (those containing hydrogen and carbons) which are usually found in living organisms.
  • Inorganic Chemistry – This is the study of non-organic molecules and includes metallic as well as non-metallic compounds.

You will also take part in a number of practical experiments as part of your course, 6 of these in Year 12 and a further 6 in Year 13 which will be properly written up. You could be questioned on these practical assignments in the written examinations.

How will you be assessed?

You will sit three written exams at the end of Year 13. The first will cover part of the Physical Chemistry unit as well as all of the Organic Chemistry topics. The second will cover the remaining Physical Chemistry topics as well as the Inorganic Chemistry unit. The third paper will cover parts of all of the topics that have been studied over the two years as well as the 12 practical assignments that have been studied. Again the examinations are made up of a mixture of multiple choice, short answer and longer structured questions. At the end of the full A Level you will achieve an A Level Chemistry grade as well as a Pass/Fail grade based on their practical skills.

Exam Board: AQA